Detailed guide: Central Community Transit Office: new address (CIP2)

Updated: Contact phone numbers have been updated for Outbound Movements Team, Inbound Movements Team, Charges Team and Simplifications.


HMRC is changing from using Royal Mail addresses to Business Service Indicator (BSI) addresses. Applicants for simplified procedures will have to send correspondence to the new address as soon as it is introduced.

New addresses for transit letters

The Central Community Transit Office (CCTO) will soon be adopting BSI addresses, which are similar to PO Boxes. The BSI address will direct all post to a central office where it will be sorted and vetted.

All of the CCTO’s letterhead addresses will be updated to read:

HM Revenue and Customs

The change is expected to go live with effect from 23 January 2017.

The European Commission’s Customs Office List (COL) will be updated with the BSI address. During the transition period the CCTO Royal Mail address will appear on the Customs Comprehensive Guarantee (CCG) application forms and this will be updated in early 2017.

Contact details

Outbound Movements Team

Phone: 0300 322 7905

Inbound Movements Team

Phone: 0300 322 7905

Charges Team

Phone: 0300 322 7905


Phone: 0300 322 7905

NCTS Helpdesk

Phone: 03000 575 988

Issued on 20 January 2017 by Customer Strategy and Tax Design, HMRC.

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Source: HMRC

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