Collection: UK overseas trade statistics and regional trade statistics

Updated: HM Revenue & Customs have today released the Overseas Trade Statistics for March 2017.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) collects the UK’s international trade in goods data, which are published as two National Statistics series – the Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) and the Regional Trade Statistics (RTS). The OTS are published monthly in simulteneous releases for Non-EU and EU trade, and include import and export trade values by summary product and partner country. The RTS are published quarterly showing trade at summary product and country level, split by UK regions and devolved administrations.

This is a collection of the latest monthly and quarterly OTS and RTS releases and data tables available on GOV.UK, with supporting methodologies. Additional releases are available from

UK OTS and RTS data is also accessible in greater product and partner country detail in an interactive table with extensive archive hosted at

Source: HMRC

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