Collection: Personal pensions: contribution and tax relief statistics

Updated: Updates to Tables PEN3, PEN4 and PEN5.

These statistics provide:

  • the value of contributions to non-occupational personal pensions
  • tax relief estimates for employer and individual contributions to personal and occupational non-State registered pension schemes

Methodology is explained in the statistics along with additional analysis and commentary.

HMRC has renumbered the tables:

  • table PEN1 – was previously Table 7.16
  • table PEN2 – was previously Tables 7.4 & 7.5 now combined.
  • table PEN2.1 – was previously Table 7.4
  • table PEN2.2 – was previously Table 7.5
  • table PEN3 – was previously Table 7.10
  • table PEN4 – was previously Table 7.11
  • table PEN5 – was previously Table 7.12
  • table PEN6 – was previously Table 7.9

Some previous updates to these statistics can now be found on the National Archives website.

Source: HMRC

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