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The world of work is rapidly transforming, driven by the acceleration of digital technology and changing social trends – so how can business leaders best adapt? Working with London Business School could give you the edge

Change is nothing new. The past two decades have seen the workplace transformed by digital advances. Gone are many traditional structures and practices, replaced with new ways of doing business, designed to support collaboration and digitally-enabled remote and flexible working.

As the technology behind AI and robotics becomes more sophisticated, the number of jobs that remain untouched by automation will decrease. β€œTo keep pace, businesses must rethink how they organise work, reinvent jobs, redeploy staff and implement robust plans for the future,” says Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice at London Business School (LBS).

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Open consultation: Draft regulations: The Insurance Companies (Taxation of Re-insurance Business) Regulations 2018

The Finance Act 2012 introduced a new regime for taxing basic life assurance and general annuity business (BLAGAB) of life insurance companies.

Specific anti-avoidance rules are required for re-insurance arrangements of BLAGAB to ensure the tax on investment returns from assets backing life insurance policies remains within the special tax regime. Regulations define the scope of the charge and provide the method for calculating investment returns.

These new regulations replace the previous regulations, Insurance Companies (Taxation of Reinsurance Business) Regulations 1995 (SI1995/1370) with rules that reflect modern commercial practice.

Read the tax information and impact note for these regulations.

Source: HMRC

Happiness and the secrets of growing your business fast

Zoom is a company born out of a frustration. I was the VP of engineering for WebEx for 14 years before I moved to Cisco and over those years I spent a lot of time talking to customers. To me, customers are always the single most important thing and unhappy customers are a sure sign

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