Now I have a business page on Facebook, how can I delete my personal profile?

Jenny opened a Facebook account and has progressed from a personal profile to a business page. Now she’d like to delete her personal profile …

I set up a Facebook account for my business but I did it as a personal page. I then realised my mistake, so I now have a shortcut link to a business page. How can I delete the personal page, because I only want to have one business page? Jenny

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Source: Guardian

Corporate report: HMRC monthly performance report: August 2017

This monthly report shows how HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is doing against its key customer service performance objectives, such as:

  • use of our digital services
  • answering our phones
  • handling customer post
  • responding to complaints

A detailed breakdown of our performance data is held within our quarterly performance update.

Our annual reports and accounts set out our past performance.

Source: HMRC