British workers spend over 100 hours a year making tea

British workers rack up over 100 hours per year making tea and other drinks, according to new research. A survey of UK workers carried out by reveals British workers spend on average 109.66 hours annually taking breaks in the kitchen to make themselves a drink and have a break from their desk or workstation.

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IR35 forum minutes highlight HMRC’s failures surrounding reform

The contents of July’s IR35 Forum minutes reflect a sincere lack of understanding from HMRC when it comes to the true impact of recent and potential changes to IR35, leading contractor tax adviser, Qdos Contractor of The Qdos Group has suggested. Within the now published notes, HMRC failed to offer any clarity over potential reform

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Portfolio career in the arts? You'll spend hours defending what you do

Comedian, novelist, stadium announcer … Caimh McDonnell finds his many jobs never seem to impress banks or insurance firms

Hi, my name is Caimh, and I have a portfolio career problem. There should be a support group for people like me. I am a comedian, novelist, stadium announcer and writer for TV. Experience has taught me, when asked what I do for a living, lying is definitely the best way to go. There are only so many times a taxi driver can ask “have I heard of you?” before you start telling them you work in IT. Even lying has its drawbacks – I had to swap barbers when my face appeared on a poster for a show in their window.

My own mother is inherently distrustful of my collection of employments. In Irish Mammy logic, having four jobs means that none of them can be going very well. To be fair, my mother’s concerns are shared by every financial institution in Britain, and I myself have wondered if life might be easier if I still worked in IT. I got my first hint of the troubles ahead when, just after going full-time as a comedian, I ended up talking to a bank’s India-based call centre. Standup comedy is now becoming more popular there, but at the time, the lovely fella honestly had no idea what my job was. After 20 minutes of explanation, I think the closest we’d got was somewhere between preacher and village idiot.

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Research and analysis: Child Benefit letter testing

Every year, HMRC writes to a random selection of Child Benefit customers, asking them to get in touch in order to confirm their details. HMRC does this in order to check ongoing entitlement to Child Benefit. Not all customers respond as requested. This research reviewed the letters with customers to see how they can be improved to encourage more people to get in touch when requested.

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Transparency data: HMRC spending over £25,000: August 2017

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) publishes details of all departmental spending over £25,000, on a monthly basis, as part of its commitment to transparency and open government.

HMRC also publishes details of spending over £25,000 by Revenue and Customs Digital Technology Services Limited (RCDTS), an arm’s length body of HMRC.

A list of abbreviations and terms used by HMRC when recording spend with suppliers, can be found here.

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