Take Pride in diversity: how to support LGBTI people at work

With London Pride parade taking place this weekend, we look at the year-round ways that business owners can make their firms more inclusive

When Joseph Williams came out as gay in front of a former boss and client, he didn’t expect to be fired. He was dismissed, he was told by human resources, for intentionally damaging the company brand and committing gross misconduct in front of the client.

The case was settled out of court, but it’s not the only time Williams hasn’t been able to freely express his sexuality at work. In previous roles he’s been the victim of anti-gay bullying. He says: “I’ve encountered homophobic slurs and discrimination […] name calling to crude stereotyping. People still haven’t been effectively educated.”

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Source: Guardian

Giant SoftBank fund eyes stake in Deliveroo

A giant technology fund backed by Apple and the Saudi Arabian state is in talks to buy a stake in Deliveroo, the British food delivery service which has been at the centre of controversy over its treatment of workers.
Source: SkyBus