Guidance: HMRC property rental toolkit

Updated: Agent toolkit for Property Rental updated for 2016 to 2017.

Guidance for tax agents and advisers on common errors on property rental in tax returns. It may also be helpful to anyone who is completing an Income Tax Self Assessment Tax Return.

Source: HMRC

Collection: Income Tax statistics and distributions

Updated: Updated tables with new information for tax year 2017 to 2018.

The Income Tax liability tables in this series provide breakdowns of the number of income taxpayers and Income Tax liabilities by age and gender, marginal tax rate, income source and tax band, and by country and Government Office Region.

You can find all tables for previous years on the National Archives website.

Release schedule

These tables are published twice yearly at schedules dictated by the release of new survey information for taxpayers and the publication of revised forecasts for the UK economy by the Office for Budget Responsibility.

For the exact date of release please refer to the UK Statistics publication hub or refer to the scheduled updates section:

Source: HMRC

Form: Tax credits: renewal pack notes

Updated: Welsh version of the TC603R Notes added to the page

Use these notes to help renew your tax credits claim. If your renewal pack contains:

  • an Annual Review form and an Annual Declaration form – use TC603RD Notes

  • an Annual Review form only – use TC603R Notes

Your renewal pack will be sent to you automatically if you need it. You can’t download it or order it online.

How to renew tax credits
Guidance on how to renew your tax credits claim.

Source: HMRC