Elemental Business and Finance, is a financial management consultancy operated by a very  experienced and innovative team. Elemental calls on over 50 years of experience in business and financial management.

Building a philosophy of “keeping it simple” and taking a lead from the ancient elemental forces of air, earth, fire and water; Elemental is well placed to assist with all the financial aspects of your business where an external consultant can make the all important difference.



Elemental Business and Finance - AirAIR

The invisible and intangible. We can assist with the consideration of intellectual property including protection of rights and processes. The essence of your business is contained in its intellectual property and the protection and development of your businesses unique elements is the focus here. We can also assist with the assessment and financing of acquisitions and mergers. We are experts in business planning and project development.


Elemental Business and Finance - EarthEARTH

Consideration of the physical. Assistance with the acquisition of equipment and property. Elemental are well placed to assist with the securing of finance for expansion, equipment or indeed business premises. Elemental also assist with the protection of existing resources. Effective structural consultancy can produce tax efficient and sustainable development.

Elemental Business and Finance - FireFIRE

Fire is the elemental and irresistible force of change. Elemental Business and Finance have many years of experience acting as change agents to assist businesses to implement plans and business process changes.


Elemental Business and Finance - WaterWATER

These days we hear so much about the global village. The access to international markets also brings international competition. We have experience of working for UK business operating or selling over “the water” and international organisations working in the UK.